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Fun Things to Do in St. Louis, MI

St. Louis is a magnificent town with a wide selection of the best things to do. Depending on the type of adventure you like and the tops you love, the things to and places to visit might vary. Here are some of the options. Learn information about St. Louis, MO.

The Magic House Children’s Museum

This museum is committed to educating the young ones, and it offers the kind of learning experience children love. All 100 activities are practical and interactive. Children have 55,000 sq ft of space as their playground. The grand Victorian mansion where the museum sits features three floors, and the building has been expanded since its inception in 1979. Some of the famous activities include the Van De Graaff generator that creates static electricity, the jack and beanstalk three-floors-higher climber, and the oval office. Discover facts about Best Things to Do With the Family in St. Louis, MO.

City Museum

This is one of the most surprising museums in St Louis that displays the town’s discarded parts. You will find old school vans, abandoned planes, chimneys, bank vaults, and anything you can imagine. You will also find an abandoned shoe firm, playhouse, funhouse, and pavilion. You can crawl through the fake caves, slid down floor chutes, or even drive a school bus that hangs over the edge of the museum.

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