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What Should You Know When Selecting a Garage Door Opener?

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Manually lifting and rolling down your garage door every time you need your car, doesn’t seem like a very convenient thing, does it?

Thankfully, you don’t have to go through the trouble if you have garage door openers that make life easy and operate the door for you.

So, if you are planning on garage door opener installation, here’s a quick four-step guide to help you select a suitable door opener!

1. Get to Know Your Garage Door Opener

Before you purchase a garage door opener, you should be aware of your garage's specifications. The size, shape, and estimated weight will help you determine a suitable opener

For instance, the standard height of a garage is seven feet, so you’ll find most garage openers made for the standard size.

However, if your garage is more than seven feet, you may need to buy an extension before garage door installation.

2. Identify the Best Drive Types for Your Garage

The drive types refer to the system that is responsible for opening the door. Generally, there are two main types of drives:

1. Chain-Driven System

A chain-driven system has a chain on a sprocket to lift and close the doors. Since there is metal contact, the chain drive can be noisy. However, it costs less than the belt system.

2. Belt-Driven System

The belt drive system uses a rubber belt along the rail track to open the door. They are less noisy and are perfect for homes that have an attached garage.

3. Choose the Horsepower

The horsepower of the garage opener determines how easily and quickly it can lift a door. There are several horsepower options, ranging from 1/3 hp to 1 hp.

A 1/3 hp is ideal to raise lightweight doors, while a 0.5 hp can lift most of the residential and double doors. Lastly, a 1 hp opener will be perfect for raising industrial garages.

4. Choosing Additional Features

The above-mentioned are the fundamental specifications that come will all types of garage openers. You can also choose additional features, according to your preference:

  • Most door openers will have an AC power connection. But you can also opt DC powered ones if you need an extra power reserve.

  • You can connect your garage door with Wi-Fi to enable the smart home option. With a single click, you can open or close the door.

  • You can get rolling code technology (where you get new code at each access) to increase security. Or you can include the option to open your door through the remote or keypad option.

Garage Door Opener

The Easy Solution

Garage openers are an innovation that makes operating garage doors extremely simple.

Are you looking for garage door opener installation? Or do you want to connect with garage door repair St Louis to improve your garage?

Entrust Garage Door Repair STL to help you with anything related to garage doors!

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