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Where is Clayton, Missouri Located?

Clayton, MO , is a major city in the state of Missouri, sitting on the banks of the Mississippi River. It borders the metropolitan city of Saint Louis. The population was 15,711 at the last census. Located south of the town of Chesterfield, Clayton is named after Ralph Clayton, a St. Louis real estate developer. The town was originally named after Mr. Clayton's father, but when his father died, the name was changed to Clayton. Learn information about St Louis MO.

A major player in Missouri politics, Mr. Clayton was elected mayor of this town in 1917. At the age of twenty-one, he became the youngest mayor in state history. He was re-elected to the mayoralty two times until his death. During his two terms as mayor of Clayton, the economy of the area improved greatly. There was a great influx of people into the town, many from Missouri, as well as neighboring Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and Minnesota. Due to the development in the economy of Clayton, a new medical school was established, bringing more jobs to the area. Discover facts about Major Attractions In Brentwood, Missouri That You Should Visit.

His career in the community also saw him serve on the boards of directors for a number of organizations, including the St. Lawrence County Park District and the Clayton Chamber of Commerce. He also served on the boards of directors for several other organizations and served on the board of the United States Golf Association in St. Petersburg, Florida. Mr. Clayton was also active in several charity events in the area. He was responsible for bringing the St. Lawrence County Fair to Clayton. He also helped to establish the first ever Veterans of Foreign Wars Post in Clayton, Missouri. Throughout his life, Mr. Clayton was an active contributor to St. Lawrence County in the community.

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