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Best Things to Do with Children in St. Louis, MI

St. Louis is known to have many attraction sites and things to do with your kids. There are many fun things you can do and places you can visit and ensure your whole family enjoys the moments. Information can be found here.

Forest Park

Situated on Grand Drive in the west part of Saint Louis, forest park is one of the largest parks in this city. The park has hosted high-end events like the 1904 summer Olympics and the Louisiana Purchase exposition held in 1904. Currently, forest park hosts many popular attractions such as Missouri history museum, St Louis art museum, St Louis zoo, and St Louis Science Center. See here for information about Fun Things to Do in St. Louis, MI.

City Garden

City Garden is an enchanted urban oasis, an unexpected but successful hybrid of a sculpture garden, a public park, and a botanic garden. City Garden is a superb place for art appreciation, contemplation, quick meal, and strolling between the trees and sculptures. It features 24 pieces of large scale modern sculptures by prominent international and national artists.

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