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Where to Spend Time When You visit St. Louis, MI

St. Louis is known for its music, adventure, and history. There are many places and attractive sites to visit. They comprise: St. Louis, MO can be seen here.

The Caramel House

Searching for the best caramel can be hard since you want it to be chewy and sweet, and it must melt in your mouth without sticking to your teeth. Luckily, Janet Ansehl Shulman has created a great caramel and incorporated some great flavor to the recipe. These caramels are hand-made and hand-packed in recyclable packages.

If you want to watch how the caramels are made, visit this store situated on Olive Boulevard. You will also come across numerous stores all over the city, and you can also order what you need online. Click here to read about Best Things to Do with Children in St. Louis, MI.


Are you looking forward to having fun with delightful but plain cakes? Then make sure you visit Sweetology. The staff in the store will offer you all kinds of things you need to decorate the cakes. The staff will also show you videos and examples of decorated cakes to help you learn how to do it.

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